Walk & Talk 2020

Let’s unite together to increase awareness of social isolation and raise funds for our projects that will help end loneliness and social isolation! 

Alleviating the pain through friendship!

“Walk & Talk to End Social Isolation” is a public, virtual event. During October 19th- 23rd, you can walk on your own or in small groups, following social distancing guidelines. We will invite you to post pictures, stories, and memories of your walk on social media, using our hashtag. The event will end with an online celebration on October 24th where speakers will share stories of their own to inform, inspire those who are struggling with, and overcoming loneliness and social isolation.

The impacts social isolation and loneliness had on mental and physical health were significant even before Covid-19 mandated social distancing. Now 54% of Canadians report feeling isolated, an issue reflected in a multitude of recent media stories. The long term effect is often hidden, but it can manifest in the person through fatigue, irritability and sometimes lack of productivity.

The walkathon portion will be from October 19th-23rd. You can choose one day out of the week to walk. On October 24th, we will have an online celebration from 1pm to 2:30pm. Incredible speakers have been invited to share stories of their experience with social isolation.

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