Social Prescription

Social Prescription
or Social Rx
means enabling healthcare professionals to refer patients to a link worker (community curator), co-design a non-clinical social prescription to improve their health and well being.
Social Prescription
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the goals:
  • reduce the rise of healthcare costs and easing pressure of general practice clinics
  • improvements in levels of depression and anxiety
  • higher quality of life
  • 1990 Bromley By Bow Centre, UK
  • 2016 Social Prescribing Network, UK
  • 2017 Jo Cox Commission on loneliness, UK
  • 2018 Social Prescribing project, ON, Canada
  • 2019 Finland, Singapore, Australia . . .
social prescription
“… an effective way to end loneliness, depression and other issues which impact human’s health and wellbeing”.
-The BMJ
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Social Prescription
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