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Not-for-profit association founded in Vancouver by Amie Peacock, that proactively provides social prescription, resources and events needed to assist individuals in our community to build trust, form relationships and strengthen connectedness with the ultimate goal of changing the landscape of social isolation and loneliness. Because we are happiest in life when we are engaged in it.
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Social isolation means someone is receiving low quantity and quality of contact with others in mutually rewarding relationships.
Loneliness is the result because of the lack of interaction quantity or quality of mutual contact that reward the efforts.
What comes to your mind when thinking about social isolation?
“Feeling lonely, feeling like there is nobody you can reach out to talk to, feeling like everyone is living their own lives.”
“Feeling alone even when you’re surrounded by people.”
“Someone who’s different, and because of that, doesn’t have many socialising opportunities…”
“As I got older, I am feeling lost and overwhelmed by so many changes around me and it is scary.”
“Feeling so helpless living alone day in and day out. Sometimes, I wonder if it will ever get better?”
“Life sucks!”
What advice would you give to someone that is experiencing loneliness?
“The world is big and there are people who care. Please don’t give up.”
“You’re not alone, please reach out. You may be surprised to learn how much people want to help and be there for you. Hold on — we’re in this together.”
“Go to meet-ups about topics you care about. You’ll meet people who are interested in the same things you are.”
“As an international student to Canada, I find it really hard to make friends because everyone is so busy. Lately, I decided to participate in the open talk cafe in Starbucks. I find the conversation so stimulating and we’re having fun. Sometimes, I can’t believe we only met a few months ago!”
“My team and I were startlingly moved, and thereafter reminded again of our purpose, not just as user-centric designers, but as responsible humans.”
Amie Peacock, the founder





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Did You Know?
      • In 2013, 15% of total population are seniors. This number is expected to rise by 23 and 25% in 2036. So in 2038, for 100 adult Canadians 40 are seniors ++ since 2013.
      • Two-thirds of Canadian postsecondary students aged 18-24 reported feeling “very lonely” in 2016 and 88% of respondents reported to having felt lonely in the past 6 months. **2019 SFU Students-Oxford Global Map
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